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First time for everything…

I am experimenting with having a blog… WHAT? I hate to write, so how will this work?

No better time to try this out. I head to Tanzania today on the Compassion Blogger trip. (first time to Tanzania) So I’ll try and post a few things and point to the “real” bloggers on this trip.

As times goes by I can see myself posting about family, outdoors, travel, and photos. And who knows, I’ll probably even geek out a bit and do somethings on my actual occupation, internet marketing.

As for now, follow along as I travel with some outstanding people on an amazing trip to Tanzania for an in depth look at Compassion International’s work with children …. and how they release them poverty in Jesus’ name.

Bloggers on the trip:

Maggie aka GussySews

The Nester

Kelli of MinivansareHOT

Jolanthe – Homeschool Creations

Scot Williams – speaker and blogger at Big is the new Small

The resourcefulMommy – Amy


Keely Scott

Sponsor a child today.


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